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Please see below a list of the current members of the Derry PCSP:

  • Ms Iris Ball (WHSCT)
  • Ms Nicola Barr (PSNI)
  • Ms Marie Brown (Independent Member)
  • Cllr Sean Carr (Elected Member SDLP)
  • Mr Martin Connolly (Independent Member)
  • Mrs Catherine Cooke (Independent Member)
  • Cllr Gerard Diver (Elected Member SDLP)
  • Cllr Angela Dobbins (Elected Member SDLP)
  • Mr Kieran Doherty (NIFRS)
  • Cllr Ann Donnelly (Elected Member SDLP)
  • Cllr Paul Fleming (Elected Member SF)
  • Ms Colleen Heaney (YJA)
  • John Burrows (PSNI)
  • Cllr Kevin Campbell (Elected Member SF)
  • Ms Avril McAllister (NIHE)
  • Cllr Elisha McCallion (Elected Member SF)
  • Mr Noel McCartney (Independent Member)
  • Miss Una McCartney (Independent Member)
  • Cllr Eric McGinley (Elected Member SF)
  • Miss Lesley Nicholl (Independent Member)
  • Mrs Caroline O'Hara (Independent Member)
  • Miss Catherine Pollock (Independent Member)
  • Mr Stephen Quigley (WELB)
  • Cllr Hugh Hastings (Elected Member SDLP)
  • Ms Linda Watson (Independent Member)
  • Ald Drew Tompson (Elected Member DUP)

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