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Derry Cittie Cooncil

Walcum tae our Ulster-Scots blaudie

Here kythes wittins anent Cooncil services in the Ulster Scots, forby wittins anent Ulster Scots forgaithers an daeins in the Cooncil airt.

Derry City Council Autumn Talks Series

Voyces frae tha Isles ~ Island Voices ~ Glórtha na nOileán

Island VoicesDerry City Council is organising a series of talks exploring the languages of English, Irish and Ulster-Scots within the context of our shared cultural heritage. The talks series runs from September to November 2011 at the Tower Museum, Derry and features three lectures by guest-speakers presenting their individual perspectives on the languages of English, Irish and Ulster-Scots. Each talk will be followed by an opportunity for discussion and debate.

Please confirm your place by booking: contact the Tower Museum on (028) 7137 2411.

Refreshments will be provided. Admission Free.

Voyces frae that Isles is funded by Derry City Council’s Good Relations Programme.

Download event poster here

Heid Screeds:

  1. Derry Cittie Cooncil - Ulster-Scots Policie
  2. Customar Service Chairter
  3. A Guide for the Makkin o Comments, Compliments or Pleens
  4. Comments, Compliments of Pleens Form


Ye can:
  • Write us in the Ulster Scots
  • Hae yer name an bide kythe in the Ulster Scots
  • Speir efter a wheen Cooncil screeds for a translate intae the Ulster Scots
  • Mak an applee tae our Grant Aid program for Ulster-Scots projects an forgaithers
Wad ye tak tent at Ulster-Scots inpits will be needan a translate an thon cud tak us a whylie langer for tae gie ye a repone.

Form fur registerin births
Birth Registration Form

Merriage Notice Form
Marriage Notice Form

Civil Pairtnership Notice
Civil Partnership Form

Registration o a deid person
Death Registration Form


Mair wittins:

Pól Ó Frighil
Earse Leid Officear
Derry Cittie Cooncil
98 Strand Raa
Derry BT48 7NN

[email protected]
Tel: (028) 7136 5151 (Ext: 6706)
Textphone: (028) 7137 6646

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