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New archives at the Guildhall

Partnership are key to delivering services to the local community whether it’s a partnership to loan archives and museum objects or the sharing of knowledge and expertise.  The exhibition on the Plantation in the newly refurbished Guildhall  was made possible through a number of partnerships with museum and archive bodies.  In particular a partnership developed with the London

Metropolitan Archives

On the 28th April the archives on loan from the Irish Society and the London Metropolitan Archives will return to London.  This is the last week to view an original folio from the 1639 Great Parchment, one of the earliest leases of land and fishing rights dating from 1674 and the survey conducted by Charles Stewart in 1814-15.  These items were a second batch of items loaned by the LMA.

The project to conserve and digitise the Great Parchment book was an unique project that attracted funding from a number o bodies enabling the Derry City Council Archivist to work closely with the LMA and University College London to make the object more accessible to researchers and the general public.  Whilst the original folio will travel back to London, due to it is fragile nature such items cannot go on display for loan periods of time, a series of facsimile copies will be made available for display in the exhibition.  For more information about the project check out

These items will be replaced by a number of archive documents from the Derry City Council archive collections relating to the Ulster Plantation and the role of the Irish Society.  A number of replica and facsimile items will also go on display. 

Watch this space for further details!

For further information please contact Bernadette Walsh, Archivist, Derry City Council; E: [email protected]

Check out the museums Flickr page

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