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Dog Shelter

Derry City Council operates a dog shelter for stray and unwanted dogs.

All seized stray and unwanted dogs are brought to the dog kennels in Pennyburn Industrial Estate, Pennyburn, Derry. The law requires that all stray dogs are kept for a minimum of 5 days to allow the owners the opportunity of reclaiming them. Unwanted dogs may be destroyed immediately.  The Council however will make every effort to responsibly re-home healthy unclaimed stray dogs and unwanted dogs.  Dogs that are very ill or have a history of aggressive behaviour are deemed unsuitable for re-homing.  All unclaimed stray dogs and unwanted dogs that cannot be re-homed are put to sleep by intravenous barbiturate injection by a veterinary surgeon.  Injured stray dogs are brought to the Council’s veterinary surgeon for appropriate treatment.

The Council  works very closely with two animal re-homing organizations and has substantially increased its re-homing of dogs over the last few years resulting in the majority of dogs being re-homed.  Derry City Council also works closely with the Dogs Trust, the UK largest animal charity, in the promotion of neutering initiatives which has resulted in a significant reduction of unwanted dog litters.  The Derry City Council area has had the highest uptake of neutering in the UK over the past 7 years.

The Council charges kennelling fees of £3 per day and £10 administration costs plus the dog licence fee and veterinary fees, if applicable, for all dogs reclaimed or sold.  A charge is levied for receiving or destroying unwanted dogs. The dog warden collects unwanted dogs at a rate of £10 per dog or they can be brought directly to the shelter for a reduced fee of £6.

The kennel supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day management of the kennels and welfare of the dogs.  As well as receiving impounded dogs from the dog wardens, the kennels are open to the public Monday – Friday 10.00am –11.00am and 3.30pm – 4.30pm and Saturday 11.00am – 12noon. During the opening hours members of the public can reclaim stray dogs, re-home unclaimed or unwanted dogs, or bring in unwanted dogs.

Rehoming a Dog

If you are interested in getting a dog, please consider re-homing a dog from our Council Dog Shelter at Pennyburn Industrial Estate where many of these dogs would make great pets and simply only require a good home.  The Kennel Supervisor will ask you about your home and lifestyle, to help him match you to your ideal dog.  In partnership with the Dogs Trust we are able to microchip your dog for free and also offer neutering with every dog re-homed.



Micheal Duddy    
Principal Dog Warden  
Tel: 028 71 376529    

Leslie Bernat, Dog Warden
Tel: 028 71365151

Kieran Graham, Dog Warden
Tel: 028 71365151 


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