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Shared City Project

Shared City ProjectThe Shared City Project was established in 1999 to bring people together from both communities in Derry/Londonderry.  Within the city there are a number of interface areas, most notably in the Waterside and Fountain and Bishop Street areas.  Divisions have built up between both communities in the last 30/40 and communities have become divided and insular.  In order to progress towards a normalised society, these barriers must be overcome. 


  • To encourage greater community participation, to improve skills in the community.
  • To promote peace and reconciliation in communities, and improve relations between city side and waterside.
  • To support victims of violence relating to the troubles.


  • Community Education Programme – provides training and educational opportunities for communities
  • Community Information Forum
  • Cross Border / Cross Community Initiatives
  • Healing Initiatives with Victims/Survivors
  • Cross Community Interface Healing Programme 
  • Community Festival, Halloween Carnival, St Patrick’s Day Spring Carnival and Maiden City Festival
  • Women into the Network
  • Annual Remembrance / Commemoration Study Initiative 
  • Interface Health Information Events and Community Health Days

Community Education Programme

This annual programme was set up to assist in the development of the community and encourage life long learning.  Courses are available at schools, community centres and community houses so that communities throughout the Waterside, the Fountain, City-side, interface areas and indeed rural areas have access to education and the opportunity to obtain qualifications and knowledge in a wide range of educational and recreational subjects. 

Mission Statement

To address issues of division and diversity by working directly with Catholic and Protestant communities, setting up projects and programmes, which bring both communities together in an attempt to demonstrate that cultural differences can exist without being conflictive.



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