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Foyle International Maritime Festival

With the return of the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race
21st June – 29th June 2014

Come and be part of one of the most exciting events that will be held in honour of Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2014 – the Foyle International Maritime Festival in Derry~Londonderry!

This event will enable marine and sailing enthusiasts to enjoy a host of exciting and diverse maritime activities from visiting yachts and boats.  All of our celebrations will be set to a backdrop of marvellous music including the legendary Beach Boys, fantastic food and celebratory events including the return of the Ubuntu festival of World Traditions as well as Music City Day when we will literally turn our city into one of music and singing from dawn until dusk! You’re guaranteed to leave with some magical memories.

Derry City Council has invested in a 2 race partnership with Clipper Ventures and has a yacht entry in the current 13/14 Clipper Round the World Yacht race and will again in the 15/16 race.   This follows the success of the Derry~Londonderry entry in the 11/12 race and the amazing Homecoming festival in June 2012.  We will host the race on a stopover in June 2014 and 2016 and host the Foyle Maritime Festival in June 2015 and beyond.

From 21-29 June this year the City will be alive for the homecoming festival when we will welcome the 12 strong fleet of Clipper 70 yachts into the Foyle including the Derry~Londonderry~Doire entry skippered this time by the City's own Sean McCarter. 

So come and see it...hear it...taste it...even dance it....just make sure you’re part of the celebrations!
Sign up below to receive updates on the festival and details of the race in a port near you.  Don't forget we need to get Derry~Londonderry~Doire supporters out in San Francisco, Jamaica and New York, The Netherlands and the race finish in London on 12 July. .......................




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